Losing Weight the Natural and Most Effective Way

Losing Weight the Natural and Most Effective Way

Like many people around the world, you may have a problem with having too much weight. But did you know that when you attempt to lose weight in a healthy manner, in short, via educating yourself instead of trying some fad diet, you are actually trying to lessen the amount of body fat you have?

To lose weight fast and for good, you must boost your metabolism. This is considered the quickest way to lose weight, as is evidenced by the numerous bodybuilders who possess very lean bodies.

The problem with trying out a fad diet is that these do not hasten the metabolism. Rather, they force your metabolism to slow down which in turn stops you from losing weight. To push himself to lose more weight, a dieter may cut down some more on food consumption but this is fruitless.

Why? The net loss of protein further slows down your metabolism and your body will attempt to compensate for the lower calorie intake. Even trying to exercise at this point will not solve the problem and may even worsen it. Some people may even re-gain the weight they lost as their metabolism slows down.

The reason for this weight gain is the fact that the more protein you lose from muscle then more fluid is lost. The weight you actually lost during the first few weeks will be mostly water loss. Thus your body attempts to compensate for the loss of fluid by slowing down the metabolism.

The best and permanent way to lose weight is to boost your metabolism beyond the normal range.

Boosting your metabolism would make you lose weight at a slower, more gentle pace of one to two pounds every week while gaining water. It allows the body to hang on to its protein stores thus minimizing water loss.

In addition, should you lower your calorie intake to too low a level, you can lose valuable protein, even when exercising. This is because exercise requires the intake of extra carbohydrates for fuel. Without carbohydrates, the body has to rely on protein stores to change into carbohydrates.

An exerciser who is not in good shape will need more carbohydrates since he has an untrained cardiovascular system. This untrained cardiovascular system cannot provide the necessary oxygen to allow cells to convert fat into energy needed during exercise. Doing exercise even if you are unfit or overweight can boost your metabolism. However, it is necessary for such individuals to do the right exercise for their particular body type, without reducing calorie intake by too much or before it is required.

You must boost your metabolism first prior to reducing your calorie intake. This allows the body to prepare a major fat-burning energy metabolism that doesn’t involve so much protein metabolism.

By boosting your metabolism, you don’t need to exercise so much as often, which gives you more time to do other things. It is not necessary to put in as much effort into exercise then. It is less likely for you to regain the weight afterwards. With a fast metabolism, your diet need not be inflexible, allowing you to enjoy certain foods as well.

You don’t need to work at preparing low- or non-fat food for yourself so much, nor do you need to buy costly low-fat varieties of food. The last, but surely the best benefit, is that you have a higher percentage of fat loss compared to fluid loss.

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