Ways to Increase Metabolism

Ways to Increase Metabolism

By Andrew Bicknell

The most misunderstood part of any weight loss routine is how the body’s metabolism is often the most crucial factor when it comes to losing excess weight. The human body needs energy to produce energy in order to function properly. This energy is taken in when we eat with the energy coming from calories contained in the food. This caloric energy is then metabolized by the body’s cells and either burned through the daily functions of the body or stored away as fat for future use. The thing to remember is that the body uses an outside energy source, calories from food, to create the energy the body needs everyday. During this process the body also uses energy to create more energy. This is metabolism.

There are several ways to increase metabolism by creating a greater need for the body to burn more calories. Probably the most easiest and well known is to simply exercise more. Weight training and aerobic exercise increases the demand for more calories simply because the body is using more energy not only during the work out but also post work out.

Building a stronger cardiovascular system with aerobic exercise and adding lean muscle mass with weight training will go along ways towards an increase in metabolism. Not only does lean muscle require more calories even at rest it also helps to increase enzymes in your body that burn fat. Because of the need for a fit body to consume more calories to maintain its current condition there really is no better way to increase your metabolism then through exercise.

One of the misunderstood ways to raise metabolism is through diet. The vast majority of people who go on ‘Diets’? cut way back on their food intake and therefore greatly decrease the amount of calories they consume. What they don’t realize when they do this is that the body reacts to this decrease in calories by slowing its metabolism in order to conserve its energy stores, in this case fat.

It’s the type and amount of calories that are the culprit in most excess weight situations. By cutting calories the body isn’t getting the energy or nutrition it needs. The key is to eat complex carbohydrates such as are found in fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads. It takes more energy for the body to digest and process the calories and nutrients from healthy food then from the more processed and refined foods found on supermarket shelves today. In fact processed foods and refined sugars are the big culprits in the weight gain epidemic found across the country today.

As you can see the way to increase our metabolism is through diet and exercise. Metabolism is our body’s engine. The better we take care of that engine through exercise and proper diet the better our metabolism will run, keeping us lean, healthy and looking good.

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