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Metabolism – Speed It Up & Lose Weight Fast!

Metabolism – Speed It Up & Lose Weight Fast!

By Sacha Tarkovsky

Every dieter knows there is a plateau phase in their diets, where the metabolism slows down to adjust to their decreased caloric intact. Get out of that plateau and start losing weight again fast by simply boosting your metabolism. Here are 5 tips that can awaken and speed up your metabolism. Follow them and watch weight loss increase! Then, follow the diet tips to keep that weight off!

5 Ways to Awaken the Metabolism

Eating the foods alone below won’t do the whole job, you need exercise. Walking is perfect, and plan to walk at least 1 hour daily.

1. Strawberries, Raspberries and Cherries

Both strawberries and cherries are rich in ellagic acid. This is a powerful anti-oxidant that clears the body of free radicals and and expel body pollutants like alcohol. As an added benefit, they also stimulate mental power.

2. Grapes

All grapes are extremely rich in bio-flavinols. These help to open up your arteries, and your blood runs more smoothly and quickly these are great food for anyone with circulatory problems.

3. All Citrus Foods

Everyone knows that citrus foods are rich in vitamins C. However, they are also rich in Vitamin E. Citrus foods, in addition to boosting your immune system, will act as a liver tonic. When the liver is working better, your metabolism is working better.

4. Forest Berries (such as Cranberries)

Almost all the berries of the forest contain proanthocyanidin. This is a powerful antioxidant that works well on the kidneys and lymph system. When the kidneys are active, so is the metabolism

5. Apricots

A beta-carotene and vitamin C rich fruit, Apricots work well on the lungs (which expel waste products) and extra help if you are still a smoker. When the lungs are working well, the metabolism works better, as there is more oxygen available in the blood for metabolic exchanges. Inclusion in your diet of these 5 above categories will re-start your metabolism and get you back on the path to losing weight.

More Diet Secrets To Keep Weight off long term

The five tips below will now help you keep the weight off

  • Drink Lots of Green tea

Research has proven that if you do nothing more than drink 5 cups of green tea daily, you will burn 80 calories. The Chinese have known for centuries that green tea stimulates the metabolism and therefore burns fat.

  • Eat A Lot of High Fiber Food

No one needs to be told, but a lot of fiber will keep the intestines active, and avoid accumulation of waste products. If you eat just 25 grams a day of fiber rich food, you can expect to lose 5 kilos in a year’s time. Also, include dried prunes in your daily diet. The prunes will insure a cleaner and healthier colon.

  • Drink Iced Water

Can you drink 2 liters a day of iced water? If you can, you know your body will burn 100 calories just to bring the water back to its normal temperature. If you can add a twist of lemon to the water, you can stop hunger pains and help cleans your liver.

  • Hot Chili, Mustard, and Horseradish

They may burn your mouth, but they also help your body’s digestive system work better, even for 2 hours after you eat. The Indians and Chinese understand this, and generally, they are a lean and healthy people.

  • Include Some Low-fat Dairy Products

Calcium rich low-fat dairy products help burn fat around the abdominal area. Calcium-rich food stimulates the release of fat from fat cells, and also helps block its absorption.

So there you have it some ways to get your metabolism sped up to help you burn and keep burning more calories, to knock and keep those extra pounds off.

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